Lao Tzu on The Heart of the Tao

The heart of the Tao
Is unforced action,
And nothing is left undone.

If this were understood
People would be transformed
In response to daily distractions,
They would turn toward their still center.
Maintaining awareness there,
They could avoid diversions,
Find tranquility,
And woud be at peace.

Lao Tzu

The First Neighbors: Mesolithic Sharing with @NEAarchaeology

Earlier today I was going through videos I’ve made and posted to youtube on my Joseph Porcelli and Neighbors for Neighbor channels. I came across one of my favorites called “The First Neighbors: Mesolithic Sharing.”

I made this video on flight back in 2009 with Dr. Martin Bale from Harvard and the University of Toronto who happened to be sitting next to me. Dr. Bale told me the first “neighborhoods” formed around 10,000-9,000 BC in the Middle East where non-kin groups formed small permanent villages and shared critical duties like farming, hunting, and potting.