11 inspiring and powerful quotes about and for Newark NJ by @drbillhoward

Rev. Dr. William Howard Jr. gave a motivation speech yesterday to rally the troops at the LISC Newark NJ “Growing Leadership, Building Community Resident Leadership Development Training” at Rutgers University in Newark NJ.

Below are 11 inspiring and powerful quotes he shared about and for the people of Newark that really resonate with me:

  • We already have all we need to make a difference
  • We can believe in Newark when we believe in ourselves
  • Empower yourself by being informed, and asking critical questions
  • Nothing positive is achieved without struggle
  • We must face the future candidly and without fear
  • Progress is being made and will continue to be made
  • Peoples art is what ignites the certainty of our words
  • Poetry, music and dance to exhibit the human spirit
  • We need a university for community organizing
  • The most revolutionary thing that can happen in Newark is for adults to sit with other adults and help them improve their reading and computing skills to prepare them for tomorrow’s jobs
  • Recognize people with love