The 4 Foundational Principles of Empowering Your Neighbors

Today, I served on a panel representing Nextdoor at the LISC Newark NJ “Growing Leadership, Building Community Resident Leadership Development Training” at Rutgers University in Newark NJ.

As I was preparing for the panel yesterday evening, I wanted offer the neighborhood leaders who would be attending, some principles to aid the important work they have chosen to take on in their neighborhoods. I wanted to put the principles in an inspiring context – and so I borrowed inspiration from one of my favorite old school house tracks titled “Brighter Days” by Cajmere and Dajae.

What I came up with I am calling “The 4 Foundational Principles of Empowering Your Neighbors.” It is based on the principals of connecting, communicating, taking action, and celebrating.

Take a look, I’d love to know what you think!