Hey Buffalo and Erie County NY: How would you like to have SnowCrew …?

There is blizzard dumping 2 feet of snow on the City of Buffalo and Erie County NY. I’d like to be able activate SnowCrew to help connect nearby and able neighbors to dig out their elderly, disabled, sick, injured, pregnant (you get the idea) neighbors after the blizzard.

My challenge I don’t yet have any community partners in that area to help with outreach and drive volunteers to sign up to be notified when someone submits a Shovel Request.

Before I do, I need at least 300 volunteers. To sign up to volunteer and notified when a neighbor inBuffalo or Erie County NY need shoveling assistance click “Sign up to help” on the SnowCrew page on NeighborsForNeighbors.org —>http://neighborsforneighbors.org/page/snowcrew

To help me reach this goal, I need need you to share this post with everyone you know in Buffalo and Erie County NY. I need you to call TV and Radio stations and ask them to interview me. It would also be awesome if you could connect me with to community organizations and large corporations who can enroll lots of people to sign up to help.

Below is a video I made you can share.

Thanks so much,

Joseph Porcelli