What you can do right now to prepare for the next disaster or emergency


I feel so fortunate and grateful for the work I get to do every day. People used to ask me why I do what I do. I still respond, because I want to and I can!

Last year I was presented with an awesome opportunity to bring my neighbor-centric approach to how the Federal Government engages and empowers citizens. Thanks GovDelivery!

One my major projects involves developing the engagement, outreach, and community management strategy for FEMA’s National Preparedness Coalition Online Community – http://community.fema.gov.

Today, It’s my privilege to invite you to join and challenge you to use your networks to help others prepare for man made and natural disasters. Pledge to prepare now by joining The National Preparedness Coalition now!

The National Preparedness Coalition Online Community is where people connect and collaborate on emergency preparedness. Use it to empower yourself to prepare and to coordinate preparedness activities with your family, neighbors, co-workers, and those with whom you may study or worship.

On the community you:

  • Get access to useful information to help you prepare
  • Get support and share best practices with over 20,000 members
  • Connect with FEMA personnel and others near you in the regional forums
  • Help others prepare and increase our resilience

Join the National Preparedness Coalition now.