5 strategies on how to not be tactical

Writing the title of this post made me chuckle.

It reads like a business post. It’s has a number in it and the title is short and to the point.

My inclination is to be strategic and tactical. My professional work and community commitments require me to behave this way. Sometimes, I’m so focused that my forehead crinkles and people think I am mad or that something is wrong. So, yes, it’s funny to me because this post has nothing to do with producing something or meeting an objective.

This post is about surrendering.

Earlier this evening, I spoke to one of the greatest men I know, Coltrane Stansbury. “Trane” said something wonderful to me, he said “Joseph, I’ve never met anyone who is willing to be kind and loving to someone they just met or have no relationship to, other than you.” His words summed up the essence of who I am in a way I had not heard before and inspired me to create this blog.

Trane and I became friends back in 1990 when I was in middle school. Having spent the majority of my elementary years living overseas, I struggled to explore how I fit in with the others kids who seemed so different from me. I really I appreciated his acceptance and friendship. Over the years, our friendship matured as did our conversations.

Tonight I shared with him, that even though I’m proud of my accomplishments and live a meaningful life, like thin ice, the spiritual ground I’ve been standing on and generating myself from feels weak.

Here are 5 insights he shared with me that really stood out:

  1. Everything I need I already have
  2. The master plan is imprinted in my heart
  3. I have to be willing to be still to allow the universe/god to pollinate my life
  4. Stillness is a celebration that we are here by some other means greater than ourselves
  5. Every situation does not need me. I must trust that the universe/god is in control and If I am still long enough, I can watch the universe/god work.

And so, I surrender being tactical, and shift my focus on learning to be still.

Help me out:

  • How do you surrender and what difference has surrendering made in your life?
  • What should I do if I catch myself un-surrendering?
  • How do I keep it up over time?